Dong Hwa University mailbox instructions for use

A、 mailbox is Gmail mailbox

    1. Use the same way as Gmail, except that the account name is the complete email location:
       (The English letters of the account are case-insensitive and the English letters of the password are case-sensitive.)
    2. Cloud Storage: Unlimited!
    3. Staff's MailBox: 
         The staff members apply online at the Staff Mailbox & Mail Group Application System.
         After a school employee leaves the office, the mailbox is removed after being retained for one year, 
         and retirees can continue to use it.
    4. Student's Mailbox: 
         Student's Mailbox will be created automatically at the time of admission without application.
         After the 2011 academic year, the account name is the same as student ID.
         For admission before the academic year of 2010 (inclusive), the first code of student number 4, 6 or 8 should be replaced by u, m or d respectively. 
         Such as student number 49901234 then account name is u9901234.
         Former National Hualian Education University students or alumni:  The account name is student ID
B、How to send and receive email:

    For desktop or laptop computer : 
    1. To use a browser, go to  or  pages,
       In the account field, enter the full email address :, then enter your password.
    2. To use outlook, outlook setup。
    For Mobile Devices:
    1. Using Gmail App (highly recommended)
    2. Using the Email App ( Android ,  iOS )
C、 About passwd.

    1. How to change the password ?
       Modify the mailbox password on page.
       Do not use the gms mailbox password change feature. 
    2. Why ? 
       gms mailbox authentication takes place on Google certification Server.
       But school information systems authentication takes place on the school LDAP certification server, 
       rather than Google certification server.
       Using the above URL to change the password so that the two passwords are the same. 
       If you change password using Gmail password change feature, it will result in inconsistent passwords.
       The picture at the end of the page shows the diagram for this purpose.
    3. gms password is irrelevant to course selection, elearn and the library system passsword. 
    4. What to do if forget password ? 
       Find Administrator for help via
       a. attend A197 office of Library and Infomation Center.
       b. call (03)8906747 
       c. email to

    1. Use a different Gmail to read email of
    2. Change the sender in gms to your old ndhu email address(for example:@ems.ndhu, @mail.ndhu)
    3. Change sender's name og mailbox
    4. Cancel synchronization of contact person and phone contact list 
    5. Set junk mail notification
    6. School public e-mail address book query, download. (For serving staff only)
       (copy the selected email addresses, and then paste to the gms mailbox recipient field )
    7. Usage and management of gms mail forum groups
    8. Staff Email and mailing list Application